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We need to close the gap between physical cash and cryptocurrencies.

In the developing world, converting $100 in physical cash into crypto continues to be challenging for the average customer.

The cryptocurrency world has come a long way since the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2009. Now everyone has heard of Bitcoin, but in developing countries, nobody knows where to buy it. Scammers abound, and as public awareness increases, there is an urgent need for simple venues to buy and sell cryptocurrencies safely.

Over-the-counter (OTC) brokerages, order book exchanges, and wallet apps are popular channels for those who are more comfortable with technology, but they struggle when dealing with small amounts of physical cash.

Money changers are the perfect entry points into the crypto world

Local forex outlets are safe, familiar, regulated and, highly liquid. They are perfect street-level conduits into the cryptocurrency world for the average consumer.

With new regulations offering further clarity around virtual currencies, it is now possible for Money Service Businesses to extend their service offerings and open new retail channels by dealing with cryptocurrencies in a compliant fashion.

US$20 Trillion

South East Asian FX Market


Licensed FX outlets in Southeast Asia

is launching a money services platform for traditional forex and remittance agents to deal with cryptocurrencies.

BloomX Platform

BloomX helps Money Service Businesses become more competitive and open a whole new line of business with cryptocurrencies.

Application and Services Ecosystem

Access to an ecosystem of applications and services created by qualified third-party developers.

Exchange Fiat and Crypto
Pay Bills
Store and Secure Crypto
Distribute Payroll

BX8 Token

The exclusive payment option for accessing crypto tools and services on the BloomX platform

As the array of BloomX products and services grows, participating businesses will gain instant access to these tools to further develop their crypto sales channels and acquire more customers.

Money Service Businesses acquire BX8 to pay for each trade, remittance, and any other services offered by 3rd-party apps on the BloomX platform.

Application developers can offer their tools and services to all the MSBs on the BloomX network, and set prices and receive payments in BX8.

Platform Roadmap

Q2 2018
  • Private token sale
  • BloomRemit network begins using BX8 token
Q3 2018
  • Token listed on Stellar DEX
  • Internal alpha of Teller and Wallet applications
Q4 2018
  • Commercial pilot of Teller and Wallet apps at partner outlets in the Philippines
  • Cryptofinancial literacy seminar in Hong Kong
Q1 2019
  • Teller and Wallet SDK for third-party developers
  • Commercial pilot with partner outlets in Hong Kong
Q2 2019
  • BloomX Network API for third-party developers
  • Commercial launch in other major cities in the Philippines
Q3 2019
  • BloomX Network launch
  • Commercial pilot with partner outlets in Indonesia
Q4 2019
  • KYC app launch on BloomX network
  • Commercial launch in provincial cities in the Philippines

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BloomX is brought to you by

Blockchain-based remittances pioneer

Bloom Technologies was founded in October 2015. It powered its first commercial transaction in January of the following year, and has since enabled over US$125,000,000 in remittance volume through its network.

The Bloom network currently provides remittance businesses and fintech startups alike with homogenous, real-time API access to disburse via 39 banks and cash delivery providers in the Philippines, and 135 banks and payout channels in Vietnam.

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Legal and Compliant

Licensed to provide Virtual Currency Exchange services. Regulated by the Central Bank of the Philippines

US$125M+ Volume

Remittance and Trading Volume

Multi-National Organization

Registered in Singapore, Australia and the Philippines

Google Developers Launchpad

Selected July 2017

Bloom is one of a handful of startups selected for the Google Launchpad program, a business accelerator that invests in companies building solutions for some of the world's biggest problems.

Stellar Development Foundation

Official Partner 2017

Bloom is an official partner of Stellar, an organization promoting global financial access, literacy, and inclusion. Stellar accomplishes this by expanding worldwide access to low-cost financial services through the development and maintenance of technology and partnerships.

Leadership Team

Israel Keys

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Israel blends a background in engineering, entrepreneurship, and international humanitarian development. He has led cross-cultural teams and organizations in Australia, Mozambique, United States, and the Philippines and is passionate about using technology and business for social impact.

As an engineer, he has worked on hardware and software projects in language processing, network routing and speech recognition. As an entrepreneur, he led the product development for two early-stage startups in Boston - Gively and Fusings. As a development worker, he oversaw aid programs and emergency responses in Mozambique and the Philippines.

Luis Buenaventura

Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Luis is a Filipino serial entrepreneur, and a prominent author and public speaker in the remittance technology and cryptocurrencies space. He has been a blockchain evangelist since 2014, and published the book Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin in early 2017.

He has presented on the subject at venues that include the United Nations Global Forum for Remittances, Investment, and Development (GFRID) in New York, the World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF) in San Francisco, the Brookings Blum Roundtable in Aspen, International Money Transfer Conference series (IMTC), BlockFin Asia in Ho Chi Minh City, and the Latin American Bitcoin Conference (LABitconf) in Bogota.

In 2018, he was cited as one of the 50 Most Influential Payments Professionals at the World Payments Congress in Mumbai. He is a prolific illustrator and publishes his work at

Ramon Tayag

Chief Technology Officer

Ramon draws from his experience ranging from education, to startups, to software development of large complex systems involving several teams. He leads the engineering initiatives for both Bloom’s own Blockchain platform and its institutional partners. An early Bitcoin advocate, his interests are in properly applying the technology in a practical, sustainable way to traditional industries. He has presented on various topics in dozens of programming, banking, fintech, and blockchain events and conferences.

Justin David

Chief Operations Officer

At Bloom, Justin has played a key role in the company’s front-end business operations; from establishing Bloom’s relationships with prominent investors to building trusted rapport with institutions and regulators. Having a background in law and commerce, Justin has specialised in corporate law, accounting, and auditing. He has worked in several industries in Australia, the United States and South East Asia. Having presented in several industry events, Justin has been instrumental in bringing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to the attention of many Filipinos.

Partners and Advisors

Bloom is directed and supported by a network of partners, advisors and industry veterans

Stellar Foundation

Official Partner

Faisal Khan

Renowned Banking & Payment Expert

Francisco Colayco

Colayco Foundation

Ken Mazzio

Former Chief Compliance, Information Security Officer

Gus Poston

Founding Principal
Bridge: Building Better Banks, Singapore

Wincent Hung

CEO and Founder
Genesis Block, Hong Kong

Anson Uy

General Partner
Gideon Venture Capital Philippines

Bryan Tan

Technology Partner
Pinsent Masons


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